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Is Plant Based Vegan?

Is Plant Based Vegan

While the two nutritional methods have a lot in common they are not necessarily the same thing. Is plant based vegan, yes but no.

Vegan Can Include Processed Options

There are many vegan foods, snacks, and desserts that are vegan—but are also highly processed and lacking in nutritional value. This most often refers to processed sugars and carbs. So, while there may be no dairy or animal products in the ingredient list, not all vegan foods are healthy.

Plant Based Means All-Natural

For a diet to be plant based it means that food must have once been growing and that it is no or very low processed. For example, roasted peanuts versus candy-coated peanuts. Plant based does not include meat or dairy but far more than just fruit and veggies—including beans, nuts, seeds, and low-processed whole grains. All plant based foods have nutrient value.

Most Plant Based Eaters Eat A Bit Of Meat And Dairy

Vegans never eat meat and dairy but most who eat plant based eat a primarily plant based diet, which typically means 90 percent or more plant based. What they are far less likely to eat are foods that are full-on processed or anything that falls into the fake food (primarily man made) category.

Here’s to turning to food to nourish and thrive!

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