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Where Will You Be Going This Holiday Season?

Where Will You Be Going This Holiday Season

It’s not quite the end of September but now is the time to solidify where you will be going for the holidays. A time of year that is meant to be joyful it is a stressful time for many as they negotiate whose house to go to. Here’s how to make your holiday season decisions.

Where Do You Want To Go?

First up, identify where you want to spend each holiday. So often we go where we have always gone out of tradition or obligation, that we don’t actually consider the alternatives. Speak honestly with your partner about where you both want to go and what you both want to do.

Find A Compromise

Next, it’s time to find a compromise that you and your partner (not your parents or other family members) are comfortable with. This often includes splitting up the holidays between your families. This might mean spending Thanksgiving at home , going to your partners family for Christmas Eve dinner—and spending Christmas day as you wish. Or, maybe you decide to take a vacation for Hanukkah or Christmas this year, but celebrate with family before or after. This can get tricky if your parents are divorced or if you have kids with an ex, but you can work it out.

Let Family Know Now

The sooner you let family know your holiday plans the better. Yes, there may be hurt feelings—or family who attempt to guilt or shame you—but you have the right to spend your holidays as you wish.

Here’s to a low-stress holiday season!

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