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Stop Hiding Your Hobby

Stop Hiding Your Hobby

One of the myths of adulting is that we must “grow up” and stop wasting time and money on activities that bring us joy. Some of us go ahead and quit doing what we love while others stick with it, but keep their passion a secret. Here is why you must stop hiding your hobby.

It Makes You Interesting

People are free to live their lives with whatever limited mindset they want, but you can live your life as you wish. Your hobby is one of the things that makes you, and is an interesting thing for you to talk about.

You’ll Make New Friends

It can be challenging as adults to make new friends so maintaining an art, craft, sport, or extracurricular activity is an excellent way to make new friends. Not only will you make new friends, but ones you have something you love in common with.

Balance And Joy

In the constantly connected world we live in, with increasingly longer workweeks—many of us struggle to find balance, let alone enough joy to keep us fulfilled. By prioritizing a hobby or two we can achieve both.

If that’s not enough people with hobbies of any kind tend to be more innovative, and those with more balance are typically more productive.

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