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We Don’t Often Communicate Well In Times Of Stress

We Don’t Often Communicate Well In Times Of Stress

Whether it’s the stress of getting everyone out the door in the mornings, to bed at night, or you are undergoing a time of high stress at work—you may not communicate well in times of stress. However, because your communication is typically healthy you may not consider how far you stray when the pressure is on.

Shorter Temper

You may be far more patient when things are going as planned but when you are in a rush or under pressure your patience and temper may be short. This can result in lashing out at friends, family, colleagues, or even complete strangers. When you feel your temper begin to rise take a few deep breaths and consider how a mini or major blow up will help. Since it never helps, try to let it go with a few deep breaths.

Poor Listening Skills

With less patience you may not listen completely, may assume you know what the other person is saying, or you may cut them off when they are speaking. This can lead to further stress-inducing misunderstandings. Even if it’s after the fact, circle back to own your poor listening and try to start from the beginning.

Identify What You Need

When you are stressed to the max take a few moments to consider what it is you need, whether in the moment or ongoing. Then, clearly communicate your needs. This might be space, to temporarily or permanently lighten your schedule or for someone else in the family to take more accountability. If you don’t actively pursue a solution your stress may be prolonged.

Here’s to healthier communication!

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