3 Ways To Use Hydrosols

3 Ways To Use Hydrosols

Hydrosols aren’t new but the new generation are quite impressive. Here are three soothing, healing and beautifying ways to use them in your everyday life.


Hydrosols are similar to essential oils but are actually flower waters. If you are someone who loves the benefits of essential oils but finds the aromas to be too strong—hydrosols are the perfect alternative. While fragrant they are less pungent than oil. One of my favorite hydrosols is lavender sprayed on my pillow at night. I also enjoy citrus or mint scent during my morning meditation.

Beauty And Skincare

If you make your own masks and skincare products you will find countless ways to add your flower water to the mix. One of my favorites for humid weather, travel, and daily toning is to spray rose water on my face. You can even wear your favorite flower waters as perfume. Carry them with as they won’t last all day as perfume.

Air Freshener

Flower waters are the perfect way to freshen or scent a room without introducing toxic chemicals. Spray one water or more to create a signature combination—such as a spray or two each of rosemary and sage for an earthy aroma.

For an organic selection of flower waters head over to You Grow Girl or Mountain Rose Herbs.

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