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How Hipsturbia Is Changing The Suburbs

How Hipsturbia Is Changing The Suburbs

It’s a trend that’s been going on for years. Moving to a big city to pursue your dreams but at some point, you realize that the hustle and bustle are not where you want to raise your kids. But Millennials aren’t looking for the suburbs of their parent’s generation—which is why hipsturbia is changing the suburbs.

What Is Hipsturbia?

Whether they get a job in the suburbs, work from home, or commute to the city millennials are looking for the best of both worlds. They want a walkable neighborhood where they can be car-free for many of their activities. This means things like gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks need to be within walking distance. If not within walking distance in concentrated areas nearby. On the flip side, they want their neighborhood to be quiet and be safe enough that the kids can play outside or walk the dog solo.

Elevated Options

Millennials will support the locally-owned businesses that are already there but they expect some elevated options too. From farm to table restaurants to a mix of authentic cuisine from around the world, fashion boutiques, top-notch salons, spas, and barbershops, weekly farmers markets, and even a bit of nightlife.

The goal is to maintain city living in a slower paced community.

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