How To Change Your Fall And Winter Makeup Routine

How To Change Your Fall And Winter Makeup Routine

We covered the changes you need to make to cleansing and moisturizing your skin for the cooler months ahead, now let’s discuss how to change your fall and winter makeup routine.

Changing Your Foundation

There are a few changes you need to make to your daily foundation. Most of us need to go a shade or two lighter in the winter or maybe you will switch to a bronzing product as your summer tan fades. You will likely switch from your tinted moisturizer or foundation to a fuller coverage option. Just make sure that between your moisturizer, foundation, and powder you have a minimum of SPF 50—even in the winter.

From Cream To Powder

Cream blush and eyeshadow stay put in humidity so if you want you can transition back to powdered formulas. The choice is yours but now you can apply powder without worry of it melting off as you sweat.

Protective Makeup

As the weather gets colder it is more important to use products that protect your skin from the elements. This means layering on a moisturizing lip balm and considering using a priming barrier cream to help protect your skin from the harsh cold. In addition to your makeup, you need a moisture-rich, antioxidant-packed daily serum and face cream—and protective hand cream.

Here’s to looking your best regardless of the weather!

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