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Green The Lighting In Your Home

Green The Lighting In Your Home

Smart home lighting goes beyond switching to LED and energy-efficient light bulbs. Here’s how to green the lighting in your home.

Go Solar

Outdoor siding, motion, and garden lights come in solar options. Not to worry when it’s grey out as your motion lighting can be hardwired as a backup or can come with rechargeable bulbs.

Dim Lighting

Dim your computer, laptop e-reader, and smartphone screens when you can—and switch the blue light filters on. Dim the contrast on your TV when it’s dark and install dimmer switches on essential house lighting. You can even add dimmer switches to your holiday lighting.

Adjust Bulbs

If lighting is too bright in one area, switch to a lower wattage bulb. If lighting is too bright switch to a lower wattage or from a white or colored bulb to a clear bulb.

Add Lighting

At first glace adding more lighting might sound like it would create more energy usage, but there are many ways it can reduce energy consumption. For example, using a lamp or two instead of the full room track or ceiling lighting can greatly reduce consumption.

Every little bit adds up. Here’s to greening your home!

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