Are You Better Together Or Apart?

Better Together Or Apart

We’ve all been there. A relationship comes to an end but at some point down the road, we consider getting back together. Here’s what to work through first.

What Has Changed Since Your Broke Up?

If you haven’t yet you, individually and as a couple, need to identify why you broke up. Space can be good as it can help you both see with clarity where things went wrong. Once you have determined what contributed to your break up you must consider what has changed since then? What have you done or do you need to do to make it work this time?

Are You Getting Back Together For The Right Reasons?

Getting back together for the kids, for financial reasons, for loneliness, or fear that you won’t find someone better is not good reasons. Keep it simple, are you better with them or without them? If you are simply better in a relationship than solo it’s time to work on that before getting back together.

Last but not least, consider heading to couple’s counseling. In most cases, in just a few sessions you can determine if getting back together is the healthy choice for both of you.

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