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Are You Taking Things Too Personally?

Taking Things Too Personally

You smile at someone on the street and they don’t smile back. Your coworker snaps at you for no reason. The barista at the coffee shop seemed to be more chatty with the person in front of you than they were with you. A friend gives you their honest opinion in a respectful manner and you feel judged. All these things can leave us playing what happened on repeat. But are you taking things too personally?

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Your snappy coworker. Maybe they were up all night with a sick child. Or are in the midst of a tough time and are short with everyone. When someone is snappy we must remember that it rarely has anything to do with us.

It Might Not Be You

Maybe the barista is friends with the customer who was in front of you, or if not friends mildly acquainted. Or maybe they are a regular. Again, the thing you are ruminating about may not have anything to do with you.

Let It Go

You may never know the reason behind something that feels unfair, and sometimes we invest too much time in the little things that drain us. Like your honest friend. Was their intention to hurt or help? And do you not want friends who can express their sincere concerns?

In the majority of all cases, if you allow it to ruin your day or commit many days to ruminating on it—you are taking it too personally.

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