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Dreamers Explore All The Possibilities

All The Possibilities

For some reason, we infantilize and shame adults who continue to dream, but dreamers are the most innovative among us because they explore all the possibilities. Even the ones no one has thought of yet. Most importantly the ones no one has thought of yet.

Dreamers Think Beyond The Norm

Dreamers do more than brainstorm ideas but think way outside the box. They positively challenge the norm or expected chain of thought, identifying innovative new alternatives. Most dreamers are thought too far out there, but dreamers are who change the world. For example, as unfathomable as it is to imagine now—Steve Jobs was once thought crazy to envision home computers. If he and the Apple founders had let that stop them we might not yet have laptops, smartphones, e-readers, wearable electronics, or things like websites, social media, or online shopping. Sure, someone else would have had the same idea, but how much longer would it take us to get where we are today?

Dreamers Deserve Our Support

The idea that we must fully understand a person’s dream is the incorrect approach. We all want to cheer on the ones we love, and in that we must support their innovations and aspirations—understanding is nice but not necessary. It’s about empowering them to share their unique gifts with the world. Who doesn’t want to do that?

Here’s to big beautiful dreams!

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