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The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now

We often think of the future as some far off moment, even if it’s only tomorrow or later today. But with every passing present moment, we live and create our futures. The future is now.

Be Present And Mindful

The concept of living in the moment isn’t just so that we don’t allow life to pass us by but to ensure that we are creating the life—and future we desire. So set a future goal and work each day toward the thoughts and actions you can take to make that goal a reality.

Do One Small Thing Now

Don’t be overwhelmed by all there is to do to create your healthier and happier future. Just do one small thing at a time that gets you a little bit closer to your goal. Sometimes this is starting or completing a task on a measurable checklist, and sometimes this is making the healthier of two small choices you are faced with. It could be as small as gaming and internet surfing for another hour or calling a friend to catch up. Or saying no when you are already overextended, or simply don’t want to do something.

The life you want is within reach—so create your future instead of worrying about what’s to come.

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