Minimize Your Stress Right Now

Minimize Your Stress Right Now

Whether you are having a bad day or are in the midst of a hectic time you can minimize your stress right now with the tips below.

  1. Stop what you are doing, sit up straight, close your eyes—and take 10 to 20 slow, deep, and full belly breaths.
  2. Download a meditation or ASMR app to your phone and spend 10 minutes lost in the present moment.
  3. Get up and take a walk. A minimum of 10 minutes is enough but 20 or 30 minutes can work wonders.
  4. Sit with your furbaby for at least 5 minutes basking in the joy of their unconditional love.
  5. Call a friend. We might message our friends daily but rarely see them or hear their voice—so an actual phone call is a treat.
  6. Set aside a bit of time for an art, craft, hobby, or extracurricular activity—or try something new.
  7. Spray the hydrosol you need to shift your mood, like peppermint to invigorate or lavender to calm.
  8. Schedule some self-care for the next day or two. Just knowing that a massage or pampering experience is on its way can work wonders.

Here’s to minimizing stress!

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