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Online Shopping Is Greener Than You Think

Online Shopping Is Greener Than You Think

Across the nation and around the world brick and mortar retailers are closing because their online stores generate more sales, or the online competition has edged them out. As a conscious shopper, you may struggle to receive so many packages—but in many cases online shopping is greener than you think.

Choose From Greener Brands

Online shopping empowers you to identify and support conscious brands often introducing you to small companies you wouldn’t find in your local stores. While it may increase the number of packages shipped to you, online shopping can also improve the quality and lifecycle of the products you purchase. Also, conscious companies green their shipping packaging and practices.

Order Fulfillment Centers Help

Online order fulfillment centers, such as Amazon fulfillment, is one way to further green your shopping. So, instead of ordering one product at a time and having it delivered by numerous companies—orders are consolidated. Everyone from Amazon to Target, Walmart, and department stores have fulfillment centers. Small-scale fulfillment is starting to pop up for small retailers too.

Ship Direct

Instead of hopping in the car to shop for an out of town friend or family member, heading home to wrap your gift, then driving to the post office and paying for shipping—shop online and have your gifts shipped directly. During the holiday season many online retailers offer gift wrapping and invoice-free shipping so that the recipient doesn’t see how much you spent.

You may stick to minimal online shopping but as you can see it is greener than you think.

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