Setting Your Travel Intentions And Goals

Travel Intentions And Goals

Whether it’s a road trip, weekend away, tropical vacation or trip abroad—you must always set your travel intentions and goals.

Why Intention Matters

For most of us, free time is limited, and time away from home is few and far between. This means you want to make the most of your vacation time, and to achieve that goal you must set an intention. Your intention will influence everything from where you travel, how much you spend, how long you stay, what types of accommodations you choose, and even what you do when you arrive.

What Should Your Intention Be?

There is no right or wrong answer it’s just important to give it some thought. It might be R&R, romance, exploration, wellness weekend, connecting with the local culture and community, crossing a destination or activity off your Bucket List—and more!


If you have ever returned from a vacation feeling more stressed than when you left, it’s time to set a strategy. Are you someone who likes to fill every second or just let yourself go with the flow? Be sure to make plans but balance things so that you have time to adjust to the time difference on both the arrival and return, and so that you have plenty of time to explore—without feeling rushed.

Here’s to making the most of your travel time!

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