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Bedtime Sleep Stories For Adults

Sleep Stories For Adults

Bedtime sleep stories designed for adults are becoming increasingly popular. They can be found on YouTube or in meditation apps like Calm. Here are a few reasons why they work.

Switching Off Gears

If you are someone who lays down at night and tends to ruminate on the day, worry about tomorrow, or just has difficulty relaxing—a bedtime story can help you switch gears. It shifts your attention from past, immersing you in a story designed to help you relax.

The Sleep Paradox

One of the worst things you can do is try to sleep, because in the trying you may end up tossing and turning. By focusing instead on a soothing story of adventure or fantasy you will drift off to sleep without a second thought—or at least calm your mind in the listening process.

Improved Quality Of Sleep

The things we do in the last hour before bedtime often impact the nature of our dreams and the quality of our sleep. By listening to a story designed to soothe you won’t drift away with the stress of the day or the heartbreak of the news, helping you to awake refreshed and recharged.

From stories written for adults to listening to the narration of some of our favorite childhood stories, sleep stories are perfect for adults.

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