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The Game Changers Busts The Protein Myth

The Game Changers Busts The Protein Myth

Netflix released The Game Changers documentary this week and the internet is abuzz. While it’s not initially apparent from the title the focus of this documentary is on the scientific research surrounding the benefits of transitioning to a plant based diet.

Busting The Protein Myth

One of the most shocking findings in The Game Changers is that the research they share completely contradicts everything we are taught about nutrition (mostly through creative marketing and branded research) which is that we can not be strong on plant based protein. However, one athlete after another including professional football players, weight lifters, Olympic athletes, and one of the strongest men in the world—sings the praises of how going completely meat and dairy-free improves strength, performance, and endurance. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone plant based.

The Shift Can Happen In Less Than A Week

The leading cause of death for firefighters is heart attacks. So, the documentary featured a group of 35 NYFD who went plant based for one week. Some had extremely high cholesterol and blood pressure. After one week, everyone saw positive drops in their concerning areas and almost everyone lost 5 or more pounds. When I say positive drops, were talking as much as a 107 point drop in cholesterol—in one week!

Even if you don’t go plant based full time transitioning to one plant based meal a day can have a major positive impact.

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