Keeping Your Feet Soft This Winter

Keeping Your Feet Soft This Winter

Winter is here meaning your feet will be cooped up in boots and sneakers much of the season. When you combine this with the cold, your feet may be cracked and dry. Here’s how to keep your feet soft this winter.

Let Them Breathe

Give your feet at least an hour or two a day of fresh air. This means socks off so that they can breathe. If it’s cold or you don’t like to walk barefoot pop on a pair of flipflops or open slippers.


Exfoliate your heels and any other rough spots on your feet with the two-toned purple and lavender Mr. Pumice. These are always in stock at Sally’s Beauty Supply or you can order them online.


One of the most effective things you can do to keep your feet soft is to pop on a pair of lotion socks at night. Not to worry as you don’t have to buy a special pair of socks, just use a cozy pair of cotton socks. Lather up with lotion and pop them on while you sleep. Wear each night for a week before washing. Use your preference in petroleum jelly, an eco-friendly body lotion, or a foot lotion formula.

Don’t Skip Your Pedicures

Continue to get a monthly pedicure during the winter months as this will slough away excess rough skin on your feet and will make it easier to get your feet spring ready when it starts to warm up.

Here’s to pretty feet this winter!

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