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World Vegan Month 2019

World Vegan Month 2019

World Vegan Month 2019 is here. Vegan or not, November is the perfect time to rethink how your health, the animals of the world, and the environment as a whole. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Watch A Documentary

Aim to watch one documentary or series each week dedicated to veganism, environmental consciousness, or wildlife conservation. Netflix has plenty of options to choose from but you can stream, rent, or purchase from many sites. This includes The Game Changers, Straws, or Our Planet.

Host A Vegan Dinner Party

A common misconception about plant-based eating is that food is bland and tasteless, but with the right recipes this couldn’t be farther from the truth. So, find a few delicious dishes and host a vegan dinner party. You could even lighten your load by making it a potluck.

Make A Few Green Goals

You don’t have to be full-on vegan to comprehend the benefits of cruelty-free principles. This makes World Vegan Month the perfect time to set a few green goals. This could be eating one vegan meal a day or week, eliminating your straw use, only buying faux leather, or planting bee-friendly plants in your garden when spring arrives.

Here’s to being more mindful about our daily decisions!

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