Workplace Automation Worries

Workplace Automation Worries

Workplace automation is a growing concern around the globe. But is it really something you should be worrying about?

It’s Already Impacted Most Industries

First up, automation isn’t coming—it’s already here. Most industries have at least integrated technology that automates features such as data collection, data sharing, client communication, and more. This type of automation creates efficiencies and helps us to better serve our clients.

Automation Will Create New Jobs

Yes, there are positions that have been and will continue to be eliminated due to automation—but automation will also create new jobs. This means you must remain open to training for or going back to school to learn the new skills required to stay within your industry. If you are in a position that has a high risk of becoming automated you must also take a strong look at your skillset to consider how your skills can transfer to a new industry.

Hire A Career Coach

A career coach can help you determine what direction to take your career as automation begins to creep in. Keep your mind and heart open as your coaches will challenge and push you to explore career avenues you wouldn’t consider on your own.

Last but not least, there will always be a need for a human connection and a human touch. This means that the next generation of mid and high-level management will be required to lead with a stronger ability to connect and engage.

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