Being Humble Doesn’t Downplay Your Success

Being Humble Doesn’t Downplay Your Success

One of the most common misconceptions about humility is that being humble downplays your success. However, research shows that humble people actually see themselves more accurately than most.

Humility Is Not Downplaying

A person who is humble knows they are good at what they are good at. Their understanding is not inflated or downplayed, but balanced. They know that although they excel in some areas that at the end of the day they are just like everyone else—with their fair share of shortcomings, weaknesses, and failures.

No Expectation Of Undue Attention

Yes, humble individuals expect credit. How their expectation remains humble so they don’t expect extra attention, undue attention, or special favors or treatment. They are able to clearly see what is fair for the work or accomplishment achieved and they don’t expect more than their fair share.

A Strength Not A Weakness

While many may see being humble as a weakness the ability to accurately asses your strengths and weaknesses means you are more likely to invest your energy and attention where it is most valuable. This means that a humble individual is someone who often achieves more in the long run than someone with an inflated sense of self.

A humble person is also more likely to be all-around more authentic.

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