Plan Your Holiday Cheat Meals Now

Plan Your Holiday Cheat Meals Now

Thanksgiving is almost here followed by holiday parties, end of year parties, and invitations to a least a few feasts. There is no better time to indulge. Plan your holiday cheat meals now so that you don’t completely abandon your diet.

Select 3 or 4 Days Of Indulgence

Between sweet treat gifts from friends, family, and colleagues temptation to indulge is higher than any other time of year. While your 3 or 4 days of indulgence won’t do in your healthy habits—snacking on sweets daily will. Limit sweet treats and plan up to 4 days or large meals where you eat without guilt.

Don’t Skip Meals

In an attempt to reduce your caloric intake you might be tempted to skip a meal after overindulging, but don’t. Skipping meals will leave you nutrient-deprived so instead of skipping, eat a well-balanced healthy meal—maybe a protein-rich salad or a plant-based meal.


Last but not least, no beating yourself up for enjoying your holiday favorites. And no, spending your day talking about food all day and how “bad” you’ve been. Just enjoy this festive time of year and the delicious food that comes with it.

Happy holidays!

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