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How To Unsubscribe To Beliefs Systems

How To Unsubscribe To Beliefs Systems

We often think of emails, magazines, or digital subscriptions when we think of unsubscribing—but you can also unsubscribe to belief systems that limit you or others. This might be the beliefs of your family, your local community, or culture as a whole.

Identify The Limitation And Why It Doesn’t Work

Most of us unconsciously adopt the beliefs we were taught as children. Even if we railed against these limitations at some point, at some point along the way, most of us conform. Once you identify a limiting belief that you want to let go of, be clear on why it doesn’t work. Think beyond yourself, to how limitations impact you and others. Then, you must identify your new belief system.

Determine What Unsubscribing Looks Like

Unsubscribing requires doing more than acknowledging limitations but determining what it looks like in action. For example, if you are ready to unsubscribe to the mindset that girls and women aren’t good at science or math this might change how you shop for gifts for kids. This might mean buying an age-appropriate science kit instead of a doll.

Check Yourself

Even with deep thought and sincere consideration, the impact of the beliefs we’ve been taught runs deep. You will make mistakes along the way so keep your mind and heart open to where you contradict your new belief system.

Here’s to empowering yourself and others to live an unlimited authentic life!

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