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Is Saying No The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do Each Day?

Is Saying No The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do Each Day

We live in a day and age where being busy is a status symbol. We complain that we want more me time but do little to make time for self-care. If this sounds like you, saying no could be the most powerful thing you can do each day.

Declining New Time Commitments

To achieve balance it is time to start declining new commitments on your time. This is easier said than done, especially when it is something you have always done. Be mindful though, that you aren’t turning down things that will help you achieve more balance in your life—like dinner with friends, a weekend away, date night, or quality time with your kids.

Eliminating Current Time Commitments

None of us want to be a person who commits and then backs out, but if you are spread too thin and anxiety is on the rise—this may be your best option. This might include eliminating a weekly obligation to something you dread, taking a few days off from everything, or finding an alternative solution—such as signing up for a carpool or having the babysitter pick the kids up from extracurricular activities one or two days a week.

Here’s to taking back your most valuable asset—your time!

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