Are You Ready To Start A Family?

Are You Ready To Start A Family

Starting a family is a big decision. Even if you both plan on having children at some point down the road, now may not be the ideal time. Here are some things to consider to determine if you are ready to start a family.

You Are Box Checking?

If you or your partner’s mindset sounds something like this, “we’re married, we bought a house, and now it’s time to start a family” or “all of our friends have kids” consider if your priority is to follow suit—or if you are both really ready.

One Of You Isn’t Ready

Having a child isn’t something you should pressure someone into. We do this by saying things like “it’s time for you to grow up” or “you’ll feel differently when the baby arrives”. If one of you isn’t ready, wait—or your relationships with your partner, or your partner and your baby-to-be may suffer.

Your Partner Doesn’t Want Kids

If your partner is clear that they do not want children and you are waiting for them to change their mind, your long-term goals are not aligned and it’s time to consider the future of your relationship. Unfortunately, many go into relationships with a partner who states early on that they do not want children—assuming that they can change their mind. If having a child is not something you are willing to give up, or if your partner is pressuring you—it may be time to lovingly let one another go.

Also, consider if you are financially ready, are in a good place with your studies or career, and if you are ready to reprioritize your—as everything changes once the baby arrives.

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