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You Really Do Know Your Purpose

You Really Do Know Your Purpose

Still trying to identify your passion, purpose, and unique reason for being here on planet Earth? Odds are, you already know what you are here for—but aren’t ready to dive all in.

The Thing That Makes Your Heart Sing

Think of the thing you do that allows time to pass without a second thought. The thing that makes your heart sing. This thing often falls into the hobby or extracurricular activity column, so most of us ignore it—because how could we support ourselves doing what we love? It’s not the path most taken, but if you start to think outside of the box you can find many ways to do what you love at least part-time.

Put Yourself First

Whether it’s a hobby you already know and love or a skill you are naturally drawn to but need more training, go for it! We often spend more time worrying about what other people will think about our passions than we do investing in them. This is your life and you have a special something you are meant to share with the world. Put yourself first and dare to do what you love.

If you are still struggling to identify what you love, ask a trusted friend what they see that you do with ease—or make a list of the things you do that make you feel the most alive, and identify what they all have in common.

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