Organizing Your Desk For Productivity

Organizing Your Desk For Productivity

Many of us fail to give our workspace enough attention but organizing your desk for productivity requires only requires a few small changes.

Clear The Clutter

With many of us working in paperless or paper-light offices, there is no need for clutter on our desks. If you still work with paper files and documents, invest in storage and organization systems that keep your desk clutter-free. If you have the space, add a second small table to your office to keep your out box files, maybe even your in box files too.

Keep Only Essential Items Desktop

Avoid the temptation to keep much on your desk. Ideally, your desk should have a keyboard drawer for ergonomics and at least one small drawer for essentials like pens, calculator, and post-it notes. This way you only have a screen, mobile device, mouse, and notepad. Keep personal items to a minimum such as a coffee mug, water bottle, a potted plant, and a framed photo.

Clean And Organize Daily

We often do everything at our desk, including eating—which introduces bacteria to our workspace. So, at the end of each day wipe down your desk and electronics. Also, spend a minute or two putting things back into their place before you leave for the day. This way you will start with a clean slate each day.

Here’s to your increased productivity!

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