How To Minimize Getting Sick While Flying

Minimizing Getting Sick While Flying

Do you often arrive at your travel destination sick or with decreased immunity? Here’s how to minimize getting sick while flying.

Boost Your Immunity

Increase your antioxidant intake at least 3 days prior to travel and bring a vitamin C or Zinc supplement with you. You could even travel with herbal tea bags or Wellness Formula supplements by Source Naturals. Last but not least, bring a neti pot or Nasopure with you to cleanse your nasal canal once you arrive at your destination—using bottled water not tap water.

Wipe Everything Down

I was a flight attendant for many years. While we clean up trash between flights, we do not sanitize the planes—and not all end of day airport cleaning crews sanitize surfaces. That means that you should bring alcohol wipes or a fragrance-free antibacterial cleanser to wipe down the armrests, tray, seatbelt, and anything else you touch in your seat. Even the armrests of the chairs you sit in in the boarding area. In a pinch, you can wipe things down with hand sanitizer or vodka. Also, do not use the airplane blankets or pillows unless they are prewrapped in plastic as they are washed infrequently.

No Potable Water

Another insider insight is that the potable water lines and containers on the airplane are rarely cleaned, so don’t order beverages with hot water. If you need coffee or tea, bring a reusable travel mug with you and fill it up after you pass through security. I would also suggest ordering beverages without ice while flying.

Here’s to a healthy flight!

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