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    How To Create A Clean Beauty Routine

    Create A Clean Beauty Routine

    When it comes to my skincare and beauty products I aim for 90% clean and 10% other. I purchase most of my product, but you can make your own too. Here’s how to create a clean beauty routine.

    Clean Body Products

    I am partial to Alba products for my daily shower gel and body lotion. I take two showers a day, and after my evening shower I put organic coconut oil on as my deodorant. During the day I use Schmidt’s Naturals deodorant when it’s not hot or humid. If it’s hot or humid or I will be physically active I use a non-green deodorant. Tom’s of Maine is my favorite toothpaste.

    Green Hair Care

    I’m a curly hair girl so I find everything I need for my delicate hair with the Shea Moisture product line. Not to worry, as they have shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioning hair masks, and styling products for straight hairstyles too. I’m also partial to their body lotions as a creamy and luxurious treat.

    Clean Makeup

    I turn to Alba or organic coconut or olive oil for my daily face wash, and a silicone face brush for exfoliation. I use Punch organic eye serum and face cream during the day, and layer with Nivea’s Q10 daily moisturizer with SPF 30—which is not clean. I do a clay mask a couple of times a month. My makeup routine is a simple BB cream with an SPF of at least 20, Burt’s Bee Pomegranate Lip Balm and lipstick of choice. At night, I apply the Punch eye serum to my entire face, and layer with an anti-aging moisturizer or K-Beauty mask—which aren’t always clean options.

    It’s not all clean, but it’s close!  

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