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    Make Your Smoothie A Meal

    Make Your Smoothie A Meal

    You aren’t alone if you have tried to drink a smoothie for breakfast or lunch but are left feeling hungry or low on energy. Here is how to make your smoothie a meal.

    Add Fat And Protein

    Your smoothie is already antioxidant-rich but to make it a meal you’ll need to blend in healthy fats and sustaining protein. You have plenty of options so experiment with what works for you:

    • Blend with milk or non-dairy milk instead of fruit juice
    • Add in yogurt or Kiefer
    • Blend in nuts, seeds, or nut butter
    • Blend in a soy or whey protein or hemp seeds
    • Add a tablespoon of coconut oil or any healthy oil
    • Add a half or full avocado

    Drink At Least 16 Ounces

    When a smoothie is a snack your portion size can be smaller but if it is your meal you need between 16 to 24 ounces. While the sugar is natural, aim to blend in a vegetable or leafy green to keep sugar to a minimum.

    Have A Snack With Your Smoothie

    Instead of blending in your protein you could also have a protein-rich snack such as an ounce of nuts, serving of cheese, a side of grains, or a slice of bread with nut butter. For those of you who miss having something to chew on a snack is a perfect addition to your smoothie meal.

    And yes, your smoothie can be protein-rich and serve as your one plant-based meal a day!

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