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3 Reasons You Should Read More Books!

3 Reasons You Should Read More Books

It doesn’t matter the genre or topic most of us should read more books. Yes, time is tight but finding time for just 1 book a month can deliver the 3 benefits below.

Stress Relief

Reading counts as stress-relieving “me time”. Whether fiction or non-fiction, if the topic is one you are genuinely interested in it will contribute to the balance in your life. The exception to this rule are some self-help and career development books, so be sure to sprinkle pleasure reading in too.


Reading will always introduce you to things you never knew. From learning about different cultures and countries to insights about different careers, random fun facts, and tidbits of information you may not come across on your own.


The characters in your book, fictional or real-life, will introduce you to their life experiences. This will help you develop empathy and understanding for things you have yet to come across or people who differ from you. This empathy will translate to your personal relationships.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to read, just pick books that interest you and find books you love!

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