What Is Felt Love?

What Is Felt Love

We all have people we love and who love us, but not everyone has experienced “felt love”. This is a warm fuzzy feeling that we are lucky to have when we find it.

That Feeling Of Home

If we have happy and healthy relationships with our parents, grandparents, or partner you might have experienced felt love. It’s that comforting feeling of coming home. Sometimes we enjoy this feeling with people who are not family or in places other than home, like at the childhood dance studio you spent every day in as a child. Or a forest or church. Or with a best friend who you know you can always count on.

A Feeling Of Authentic Belonging

You know that your mom loves you, but if she is highly critical, is always trying to get you to change, or who you never feel you can be yourself with her—then you may not have ever, or not since you were very young, have experienced this type of love. It’s only something we feel with those who accept us as we are. With those who challenge us to grow but never ask us to change.

Life is meant to be filled with love and joy, so surround yourself with people who make you feel your best!

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