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3 Ways To Clear Your Home Of Negative Energy For The New Year

Clear Your Home Of Negative Energy For The New Year

2020 is almost here so let’s start it off on the right foot! Here are 3 ways to clear your home of negative energy. These work at the office too!


Smudge sticks can be found at many health food and healing shops. Sage is the primary component, but sometimes other herbs are blended in such as lavender. Light the smudge stick and let it burn while walking clockwise through each room in your home. If the smell is too overpowering for you feel free to open up the windows afterwards to let the fresh air in. Don’t forget to smudge around your body too!

A Touch Of Nature

Bringing in a few natural elements to your home will raise the energetic vibration. This includes everything from plants to crystals, an interior water element, sand, driftwood, wood art, raw metal accents, natural textiles, and more. The key is in selecting items you are naturally drawn to.

Clear The Clutter

It may not be time for spring cleaning yet, but your home can become quite disorganized after the holidays. One of the challenges is that you have likely received a few gifts that aren’t quite right for you. Set aside a bin for items to donate or regift and add holiday items you no longer need to this bin as you take down your decorations.

Here’s to vibing high in the year to come!

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