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Green Hostess Gifts

Green Hostess Gifts

If you are doing this holiday season as green as you can, or you are heading to a friend’s home who is eco-conscious these green hostess gifts are perfect.

  1. Fresh flowers from your garden or a local farmer’s market.
  2. A potted plant, potted fresh herbs, seedlings, or seeds for their garden.
  3. Silicone ziploc bags, silicone bowl toppers, or beeswax wrap rolls.
  4. Food gifts from any local farm like cheese, jams, or their signature canned goods.
  5. Soy candles, organic hydrosols, pure essential oils, or incense.
  6. Organic wine, local craft beer, or a locally brewed kombucha.
  7. A homemade gift of any kind like granola, baked goods, or a DIY craft.
  8. Reusable ice cubes made from either stone or stainless steel.
  9. A gift basket of green home cleaning supplies.
  10. A gift basket of green body wash, lotion, and other essential beauty items.
  11. Reusable shopping bags as we can never have enough of those.
  12. Organic coffee or tea from anywhere in the world.
  13. Stationary or note cards made from recycled paper.
  14. A mini solar electronics charger.
  15. A donation on their behalf to one of their favorite green charities.

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season!

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