How To Destress On The Go

Destress On The Go

Holiday travels can be stressful but you don’t have to let the stress consume you. Here are a few ways to destress on the go.


YouTube has tons of great ASMR tingle videos you can pop on anytime you need to relax. Listen during a flight delay, while in turbulence, to help you sleep during your flight, or on the plane if you are a nervous flyer. If you are driving you can listen to ASMR at a rest stop or restaurant parking lot. Be sure to use your headphones.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is another thing you can do anytime, anywhere. However, if you are more comfortable head into a restroom or an area that isn’t very populated. There are multiple breathing exercises to choose from, but when stressed I suggest deep belly breathing. Breath in slowly filling up your belly for a count of 5, hold for a count of 5, then exhale slowly for a count of 5. This should feel rhythmic, not forced.

Shift Your Mindset

Last but not least, and what you may want to try first, is shifting your mindset. Traveling is uncomfortable because it is something that is out of our control. So, focus on the joyous time you are heading to, or coming from—and acknowledge that getting stressed won’t change anything.

Here’s to a happy holiday season!

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