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Why Skipping Meals Doesn’t Work

Skipping Meals Doesn’t Work

Whether it’s because you’ve enjoyed a few too many sweet treats or you want to lose a bit of weight, skipping meals doesn’t work. Here are just a few reasons why.

Your Body Requires Nutrients

We’ve all been tempted to skip a meal after indulging in one too many sweet treats a coworker brought to share. However, that is precisely when our body requires a healthy meal. Balance out your indulgence with a vegan meal or salad with lean protein to give your body the nutrients it requires.

Skipping Almost Always Backfires

Skipping a meal almost always results in overindulging the next time you eat. If you are intermittent fasting make sure it is short-term and that the meals you eat are nutrient, fat, and protein-rich. And it’s best to fast with 12 hours between dinner and breakfast as you require less energy while sleeping.

You’ll Be Moody

When we don’t eat it can negatively impact our mood, ability to focus, decision making skills and more. Being moody doesn’t benefit you or anyone else, so eat a nutritious meal!

These are just a handful of reasons to eat when you are tempted to skip.

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