How To Use A Himalayan Salt Inhaler

How To Use A Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Using a Himalayan salt inhaler is one of the many types of halotherapy, salt therapy. It is used for a variety of reasons but primarily to improve breathing and minimize mucus and inflammation in the airways. Here’s how to use one properly.

Buy A Himalayan Inhaler

There are a few DIY options but I suggest working only with a premade inhaler. The top choice is ceramic inhalers. I prefer the ones that come apart, because they are easy to clean and easy to refill. There are also small and round plastic inhalers that are ideal for travel and taking with you on the go. Only use Himalayan salt in your inhaler.

How To Breath

Once the salt is placed within, you put your mouth on the opening and inhale slowly. The important part is to exhale through your nose, not your mouth. Breaths should be slow and smooth, not fast or forced. Repeat daily for 15 to 30 minutes.

When To Use

Everyone can use a salt inhaler but it is most popular for those with asthma, allergies, and COPD. Use when you are flaring up, feeling sick, or want to cleanse and detoxify your lungs.

In addition to the healing benefits of Himalayan salt, the inhaler doubles as a deep breathing tool that will help relax your body and calm your nervous system. This makes bedtime the perfect time to use your new inhaler.

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