2020 Travel Resolutions

Travel Resolutions

If the new year has you inspired to travel more then it’s time to set a few specific travel resolutions. These tips will help you get started.

Create A Travel Bucket List

I am an avid believer that we must be open to unexpected getaways as they arrive, like when you stumble across a crazy cheap roundtrip ticket Italy—even if you’ve already been. That being said, I suggest that everyone keep a travel Bucket List. This should include a mix of obscure spots, tourist go-tos, and the time of year you want to travel. This list will help map out where to travel to next and how much you need to save.

Balance Vacation And Connection

Travelling isn’t just to explore somewhere new, but also to visit family and friends. That being said, you can’t spend all of your vacation days and vacation budget visiting family and friends—there must be balance. If possible, take vacations with friends and family—but only if that’s not a source of stress.

Take More Mini Vacations

Vacations don’t have to be a full week off so explore your options in weekend getaways and long weekends, even to a somewhat local wellness weekend. If you are able to work remotely or part-time, consider working vacations. Yes, you will still need to work during the day—but after hours and on the weekends you can explore your vacation location.

Here’s to traveling more in 2020!

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