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How To Mix Up Your Winter Workouts

Mix Up Your Winter Workouts

It may be chilly out, but you still need to get in your weekly workouts—but that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to the gym. Here’s how to mix up your winter workouts.

  1. Consider winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and ice hockey.
  2. Use the winter as a time to try a variety of indoor workout classes.
  3. Find an indoor swimming pool and swim laps for low-impact full-body workouts.
  4. Revisit or try a few new indoor sports like racketball, rock climbing, basketball, or tennis.
  5. Don’t just go to the gym, head to a ton of different fitness studios to see what else you might enjoy.
  6. Sign up for an adult dance class such as ballroom dance, belly dancing, jazz, tap, or hip hop.
  7. Buy private or small group personal training, Pilates, or yoga.
  8. If your weather isn’t below freezing bundle up and walk, cycle, jog, or run outdoors.
  9. Explore your options in fitness website and apps in any type of workout you can think of. Don’t forget the free workout options on YouTube.
  10. Consider taking a martial arts class like tai chi, karate, or qi gong…

Here’s to staying healthy and fit this winter!

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