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January 2020


    Is Your Social Circle Holding You Back Or Pushing You Forward?

    Is Your Social Circle Holding You Back

    Our closest friends are the ones who bring light to our lives. They are who we turn to to talk through everything we are going through, good, bad and everything in between. But what if I told you that your social circle might be holding you back?

    Your Are Likely A Combination Of Your 5 Closest Contacts

    It’s just a matter of fact, but many of us have sorted ourselves into like-minded groups—as opposed to having multiple friends with multiple viewpoints, hobbies, beliefs, and values. Yes, we must have common ground with the people in our lives, but you know that you have sorted yourself if:

    • You and your friends make about the same income.
    • You all have the same level of physical activity.
    • You are all motivated or all lazy.
    • You are all in the same relationship status, married, single, divorced.
    • You are all overweight, healthy, or trapped in an unhealthy diet cycle.
    • You all are working towards more in life, love, or career—or are all happy where you are.

    You Are The Most Motivated In Your Group

    If you are the most motivated person in your friend group, in any area of your life, it’s time to at the very least expand your social circle in that area. For example, if you want to launch a new business and your current friends have no business management experience, have never owned business, or discourage your dreams because it might be too risky—it’s time to find a women’s professional networking group to discuss business with. Other entrepreneurs will provide sound advice, where your well-intentioned friends may provide only fear-based advice.

    You don’t have to let go of your friends, but you do need to begin the process of opening up your social life to a variety of mindsets, interests, passions, experience, and backgrounds!

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