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How To Do Veganuary Right!

How To Do Veganuary Right

Veganuary began in the UK with over 250,000 people committing to going vegan for the month of January. This year the movement has crossed the Atlantic and is being adopted in the US and Canada. Here are some tips for living cruelty and meat-free this month without feeling deprived.

Stock Your Kitchen

Don’t just plan on eating salads and tofu this month as you’ll get bored fast. Instead, use this month as a way to test tasty new vegan recipes. Head to your local health food stores to stock up on vegan staples, vegan canned goods, frozen foods, meat alternatives, nuts, seeds, vegan dairy, snacks, and lots of grains and produce. Maybe even sign up for a farm share if there is a year-round option in your town. Ensure each meal has plenty of protein and healthy fat as that is what will ensure you feel full.

Find Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

Going vegan this month doesn’t mean that you can’t eat out. First, find the vegan restaurants in town but also look for restaurants who aren’t fully vegan but have vegan options. This can be a fun way to explore new eats in your local area.

Consider Vegan Beyond Food

Your motivation may be to cleanse your body after the holiday feast and sweets season, for the good of the environment, and to adopt a few more cruelty-free lifestyle changes. In terms of going cruelty-free for the month also consider if the skincare products you use are tested on animals or contain animal-derived ingredients. Rethink your purchasing choices opting for quality vegan leathers, faux fur, faux snakeskin, and considering your stance on wool and other animal fibers.

One month will fly by fast but is good for your body and the environment!

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