Set The Intention To Experience Life To Its Fullest

Experience Life To Its Fullest

We get so caught up in the daily grind and our long and growing list of commitments that it sometimes feels impossible to find balance. Unfortunately, this means that many of us prioritize our career over our personal lives. Life is meant to be balanced and joyful so we must set the intention to experience life in meaningful ways.

Schedule Your Time Off Now

It is always easier to schedule time off in advance, and before you are burnt out. This should include at least one full week off, and several long weekends spread out throughout the year. If you can work remotely, include a few working vacations where you still have to work during the day—but can explore after hours.

Try A Few New Things

Next up, make a list of new things you want to try. This might include learning a new art or craft, trying a new sport, training for a marathon, taking a cooking class, taking local TripAdvisor tours, traveling, checking out local events you’ve never been to, and more. This is still something I enjoy logging on to Groupon to find inspiration for.

Say Yes, And No

It’s time to start saying “no” to overcommitments and “yes” to things you typically turn down because you are too busy. This is all about finding balance so start leaving a few unscheduled chunks of time in your weekly and monthly schedule.

Here’s to a life worth living!

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