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Taking Green Living To The Next Level In 2020

Taking Green Living To The Next Level

The New Year is an excellent time to make a few new green changes. Here are a few to consider.

  1. Think before you purchase anything new this year. Consider if you really need to consume more and if there is a greener alternative—such as buying in bulk, shopping energy efficient, buying from a green brand, or thrift store shopping.
  2. Green your travel. I’m a fan of travel as a way to explore and connect, so I won’t suggest ditching flight. But, you can consider taking a train here or there, taking more road trips, packing lighter when you fly, and staying in eco-friendly accommodations.
  3. One meal a day. Eating just one vegan meal a day is good for your body and the environment. It’s also not as difficult as you might imagine.
  4. Shop local. Set a goal to purchase more of what you buy locally, especially your food. This means shopping from local farmers and farmers markets for meat, produce, and dairy. Better yet if you grow your own garden. If not a full garden, a handful of staples, like tomatoes or fresh herbs, both of which you can grow indoors.
  5. Green your transportation. No need to go super extreme, but consider taking public transportation, biking to work one day a week, walking more, and carpooling. You can also consider switching to a more energy-efficient vehicle, but also stay on top of your maintenance. If you are ready to go all in, you can ditch your car.
  6. No more single-use plastics. It has never been easier to minimize your plastic consumption. From reusable plastic bags, straws, zip lock bags, silicone lids, and beeswax cling wrap alternatives. Also, purchase more refillable items. Sign up for Loop to find common brands offering more sustainable packaging alternatives.

This list will help you get started but you are sure to find many more ways to green your life!

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