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New Year New Look!

New Year New Look

If the New Year has you inspired to mix up your look these tips will help, but not to worry as these tips will work any time of year!

Change Your Hair

Consider heading to a high-end salon and letting a professional create a new look just for you. This could include a new cut and color, or a fun new style. Just make sure that you understand the upkeep and products required to keep your new do looking it’s best. If it’s too scary to let someone else make such a major decision for you, flip through books and find a new style.

Have Your Makeup Professionally Done

Once a year I like to head to a cosmetic counter to have a makeup artist update my look. I’m partial to Bobby Brown as they focus on a natural but polished look, but I also have a few MAC products as daily go-tos. No, I don’t always purchase everything they suggest but use their application techniques and colors as inspiration. Also, consider having your lashes and brows done. I’m partial to eyelash lift and tint.

Hire A Personal Stylist

Stylists aren’t just for the rich and famous, as hiring someone who understands how cuts, shapes, and colors can create the look you want to achieve is something we can all benefit from. You will have many styling services to choose from including a full closet and wardrobe cleanout to remixing what you already have, shopping for new outfits, or all of the above. You don’t necessarily have to change your look but refine it.

Here’s to looking and feeling your best!

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