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Could You Stop Shopping For A Year?

Could You Stop Shopping For A Year

It’s a goal that many have set for 2020, to stop shopping or to commit to a vastly restricted new purchase program. This is often about greening your life but is something that will save you money. Here’s what to consider if you are going to give it a go, even if for just 30 days.

Determine What Doesn’t Count?

Obviously, you need to eat, so food doesn’t count. But will you stop eating out? Or maybe you only eat out at farm to table restaurants? Or you only purchase café coffee if you have remembered your reusable mug. Daily hygiene items also don’t count, but what about splurge items like makeup or trying a new beard cream? Will you still buy gifts for others? Will you splurge on a birthday gift for yourself? Socks, underwear, and athletic shoes don’t count—but will you really buy no new clothing this year? Or maybe limit yourself to 10 items? Books don’t count, but will you set a budget? What if something you use daily breaks? Will you upgrade your smartphone this year? If you have a hobby, what is your new item budget for the next year? As you see there is much to consider.

Does Thrifting Count?

Since the goal is to reduce new consumption so not everyone considers thrift store shopping or garage sales off-limits. Living in Chicago we have AMAZING thrift stores, so I buy a lot of clothing and home goods there, and no one knows. I even snag a few great tags-on gifts. If not a local thrift store, you can thrift shop online. Also, consider hosting a swap party with your friends of either clothing or home goods.

It isn’t as hard as it sounds and at the end of the year or 30 days you will have learned a lot about yourself!

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