Are You In A Situationship?

Are You In A Situationship

Just because a relationship starts out slow doesn’t mean it isn’t going anywhere but if you remain in a place where you feel like you aren’t committed and you don’t know where you stand—you might be in a situationship. Here are a few red flags.

Last-Minute Plans

As a relationship progresses someone who wants to be with you will make plans with you in advance. If all of your plans are same-day or last minute, and when you try to plan a week or more in advance, they put you off, it might be that they want to keep their options open.

You Don’t Really Know Them

Getting to know someone takes time but there should be a gradual progression of getting to know someone better. Some people take longer to open up than others, so pay attention to if they want to get to know you better. If not, this may just be a physical relationship.

No Connection To Each Other’s Lives

If you’ve been dating on and off for a few months now and they have declined invitations to meet your friends, and you haven’t met theirs. Make another attempt or two at a low-pressure setting to meet their friends, like having brunch or drinks after work. If they continue to decline they may not be invested in you.

If you really want to know where a relationship is going, just ask. This won’t guarantee an honest answer but if you are looking for more find someone looking for the same thing.

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