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Not Drinking Enough Water? Here’s How

Not Drinking Enough Water Here’s How

The average adult should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day, or half of their body weight in hydrating fluids. However, this will vary a bit from one person to the next and will change dependent on the weather and on your level of physical activity. If you’re not drinking enough water these tips will help.

Drink First Thing In The Morning

Your body requires hydration after a night of rest, so start your day with 8 ounces of water. Before you leave the house for the day fill up a 16-ounce water bottle to take with you. The goal is to drink the full bottle before lunch and another bottle between lunch and dinner. This alone gets you to 40 ounces for the day. And yes, sparkling water counts! If you work out, you’ll need at least another 8 ounces after your workout.

Herbal Tea

I have swapped my coffee for two cups of caffeinated herbal tea, giving me another 20 ounces per day. If you can’t do without coffee go ahead and count one of your cups of coffee as 10 ounces, but only your first cup. This can include coffee with cream, milk, and a tiny bit of sugar—but coffee with syrup doesn’t count. You can also count 8 ounces of an electrolyte beverage as part of your daily fluid intake.

Eat Your Hydration

Soups, freshly squeezed juice, fresh or frozen fruit smoothies, and almost all fruits and veggies contain water—and can be counted as part of your daily intake. Even the milk in your cereal counts.

Last but not least, stop your fluid intake at least 2 hours before you head to bed.

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