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Tips For Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Whether you are giving Project 333 a try or you simply want to simplify your morning routine, creating a minimalist wardrobe is easy. Be sure to invest in quality and in cuts and shapes that look good on you.

Mix And Match

Almost everything in your paired down wardrobe must be easy to mix and match. Not to worry as you can still have lots of color, prints and patterns. For example, you might have a floral skirt that you can wear with several different tops, while your neutral and solid colored slacks can be worn with almost every top you own. Have a few stand out pieces that you don’t wear often, but shop primarily for things you can mix and match instead of dedicated outfits.

Consider A Color Story

While you want items that can be mixed and matched also consider a color story. This might be lots of black and white or shades of grey. Or maybe you have a color that looks really good on you, so you have multiple solids, patterns and prints in your favorite color.


If you are doing Project 333 your accessories might be limited, or maybe you make your accessories an exception to the rule. By switching up your handbag, shoes, belt, and jewelry you can make your staple wardrobe items feel fresh and new. Scarves can mix things up too.

Here’s to looking and feeling your best with your new minimalist style!

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