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Minimalism Not Working For You?

Minimalism Not Working For You

If you hopped on the minimalism bandwagon or gave the Kon Mari method a try, but they simply aren’t working for you—try the tips below.

Determine What Is Working

While the overall system you have adopted may not be working, at least part of it must be. Determine what this is, and keep these habits. For example, if you love how organized your closet is and how much easier it is to decide what to wear each day, keep that.

Adopt An Easier Alternative

If you are feeling deprived by how much you have let go of, consider a less extreme system. I’m a big fan of the “one in, one out” method. This is a system where you donate or sell something every time you buy something new—ideally from the same category. For example, if you buy a beautiful new vase, get rid of one you never use. If not a vase, let go of another unused item in any other area of your home. This one small changes minimizes long-term clutter and helps maintain organization and space.

Continue To Shop With Intention

Continue to think before making any new purchases, invest in quality, support ethical brands, and ensure every purchase sparks joy—and is not just an impulse buy. That’s not to suggest that impulse buys won’t spark joy, but that you must think beyond your initial response to the ongoing value and function it will have.

Neither Kon Marie or minimalism should feel like deprivation, so find the perfect balance for you.

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