What To Do When Work’s Not Working

When Work’s Not Working

We’ve all been there before. We are in a job we once loved, but now we dread going to work. Or, maybe we never loved our job but once liked it much more than we do now. Here’s what to do when work’s not working.

Determine Why

Once when I worked in management, I was more stressed than usual. I expressed this to my boyfriend and was shocked to hear his response. He stated that every day I came home complaining about the same underperforming and difficult employee. After great though I realized he was right. Your “why” may be something completely different. An organizational change, new manager, stressed manager, difficult colleague, heavy workload, etc.

Determine The Fix

My fix was sitting down with my employee and setting clear and specific expectations, along with a clear, measurable, and realistic action plan. Your fix may be learning how to better delegate, to stop taking on new commitments, set boundaries with a coworker, or consider if your current company or position is still the right fit.

Take Action

You can’t expect anything to change unless you are willing to take action. Now is not the time to be hasty, but it’s also not the time to be complacent. Put a plan of action in place and give yourself goals and deadlines to hold yourself accountable.

You spend most of our waking hours at work, so you deserve to be happy!

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