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What To Do When Green Cleaning Is Not Working

When Green Cleaning Is Not Working

Greening your life is not about sacrificing on quality, it’s about finding a perfect balance of both worlds. Here’s what to do when green cleaning is not working.

The Bathroom Can Be Your Exception To The Rule

No matter what area of your life you are speaking of, I always suggest aiming for between 70 to 90 percent of the time. When it comes to green cleaning you must never compromise on cleanliness and hygiene, which is why even most green cleaning companies use traditional cleaners to clean the bathroom. For example, I clean my bathroom twice per week, but can’t keep my grout clean with green bathroom cleaners—so I use a standard cleaner every other time.

Invest In The Right Tools

Green cleaning can require a bit more elbow grease so invest in brushes, scrapers, squeegees, and other tools that will simplify the cleaning process. Choose quality items that are designed to last, preferably made from green or recycled materials.

Find Other Exceptions

I use tons of vinegar to clean, but sometimes I need bleach. However, I use less than one small bottle of bleach per year. Or if you are hiring someone to deep clean your carpets, they may suggest a non-green cleaner to remove stubborn stains. Or like in the bathroom, alternate with a non-green cleaner as needed.

Whether green or not, always follow the product use and dilution instructions. Open windows when you clean and have plenty of plants in your home to purify the air.

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